Batgirl #26 Preview

Spoiler Alert!  Jumping out of  “Zero Year” in Batgirl #26 we see Commissioner Jim Gordon in danger as  “Knightfall” and her gang are about to kill him before Barbra Gordon comes to his rescue in her Batgirl suit that she said she would not wear again.  And at the end of the preview we see that Mirror is coming after Batgirl and Gordon for cheating death.


The shocking conclusion of Batgirl: Wanted’! Can Barbara save her father’s life without compromising the truth about her brother’s death?

To see the preview pages of Batgirl #26 head over to the source and click the icon. Written by Gail Simone, art by Fernando Pasarin, and ink by Jonathan Glapion. Batgirl #26 hits stores 12/11/13.

Source- Newsarama



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