Surfs Up Batman Action Figure On Sale

by Andrew Lococo
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“Now to finally build my sand Bat-Cave”

Even the Caped Crusader can’t fight crime all year long. Sometimes, Bruce Wayne just wants to go surfing, maybe work on his tan. Yet when duty calls, he is never one to shake off his responsibility. Or his swim wear, because he can fight crime and go surfing afterwards because he’s Batman and he can do whatever he wants. On sale on Amazon, this sweet figure of the beloved ’66 version of the Dark Knight can be yours for about $16. Plus he comes with his own surf board. Now you can finally have Batman and your Neo figure from The Matrix reenact the classic cheeseball movie Point Break, only instead of Keanu Reeves having to arrest Patrick Swayze and it’s Batman. Beach Bum Bruce Wayne will make anyone’s collection a little more livelier with his can-do attitude, bright yellow shorts, and sweet Bat-Board. All he needs now is a  Burt Ward era Robin, with water wings and a boogie board.

Source: Amazon

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