Batman vs. Superman Secret Code Name/Working Title is Sage and Milo?

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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It’s being reported that Batman vs. Superman is currently working under the secret code name of Sage and Milo.

Most times, high profile flicks are forced to work under a pseudonym to avoid the prying eyes of fans and press. Most famously, the conclusion of the original Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi, had to work under the working title of Blue Harvest, which was later used as a title for Family Guy‘s Star Wars parody special.

Well, the Man of Steel Fan Page has recently uncovered what they believe to be the working title for Batman vs. Superman. Keep in mind that sometimes these code names may have significance to the movie and sometimes they are completely random. The latter may be the case on this one. Accordingly, the working title for Batman vs. Superman is Sage and Milo. Originally appearing as text placed upon the Batman/Superman logo that premiered at Comic-Con, they have since “confirmed” it via a photo snapped at what is presumably the headquarters of Batman vs. Superman.


Notice the symbol to the left of Snyder’s name? It says S and M, which seems to further support the working title. Also, what other movie is Zack Snyder directing at the moment? Considering that this is all speculation and will obviously remain unconfirmed, make sure that you have a nice helping of salt close by.

Source – Man of Steel Fan Page (via

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