Rumor: Batman vs. Superman Info Surfaces, Title, Budget and Some Story Details

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New rumors are surfacing regarding the budget, setting, and some story details.

So Batman vs. Superman started filming some stuff last weekend that involved a stadium full of college football fans attending a match between the heated rivals of Gotham City University and Metropolis University. With that, a few details regarding the flick surfaced today via CosmicBookNews. (Yeah, I know how you guys feel about CosmicBookNews, but the thing is that we just like to keep you guys updated on all developments regarding Batman vs. Superman [or just Batman], even if it is just a rumor.)

Their DC source is telling them that Batman vs. Superman is the official title for the highly anticipated flick and that an official announcement regarding that title is on its way. The current production budget is a whopping $250 million, an approximate $25 million increase from Man of Steel, making it one of the pricier flicks around. And apparently, in regards to screen time, the flick will take place in Metropolis for 60% of it’s run time, while Gotham will be featured in the remaining 40%.Unfortunately, by the time the events of Batman vs. Superman will occur, Superman will not have established a Fortress of Solitude.

And lastly, the events in Man of Steel will be acknowledged, most notably the destruction of Metropolis. According to their insider, “certain” people will be speaking on the subject.


First off, I’ve voiced my displeasure with the silly title of Batman vs. Superman, as it puts far too much emphasis on a possible brawl between the titans, thus sharply dividing fans and taking the focus off of Superman, when this is supposed to be a sequel to Man of Steel. I’m pretty happy that we will be seeing a new Gotham City to be juxtaposed with Metropolis, but 40% is far too much time to spend in a movie that’s about Superman. As for the destruction of Metropolis, I believe that there couldn’t have been a better route. It’s pretty great. That was such a point of contention in the first movie and you can imagine there will be some great voices in Metropolis who will not stand for a destructive alien guardian. I think you guys know who I’m talking about.

As always with any CosmicBookNews rumor, there is salt imbued within every pixel of every letter of this story. There’s a lot of salt that you should take into account.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the title? Do you want more or less Gotham City? What about the destruction of Metropolis factoring into the plot? Let me know.

Source – CosmicBookNews

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