Rumor: Batmobile Currently Being Designed for Batman vs. Superman, “an Old Cadillac will Feature Prominently”

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New information has surfaced regarding the new Batmobile, currently being designed for Batman vs. Superman.

It’s unfortunate, but the first Batmobile that I’ve ever been exposed to was the one featured in Batman Forever. As a kid, I was mesmerized by the ribbed body and blue lights illuminating the body. As an adult, I still find it pretty cool, but I’ve since learned to appreciate its predecessor, the Anton Furst-designed vehicle that appeared in Tim Burton’s films. The Tumbler is practical, but aesthetically, it’s just not interesting, but then again, the Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy never really put too much emphasis on the car like previous movies. And with that, the Batmobile has less of a role in modern Batman media, as far as I can tell. I know I have a lot less appreciation for any of his vehicles now.

Soo…. has anyone really been discussing Batfleck’s Batmobile for Batman vs. Superman? A fellow by the name of “Dr. Detroit” recently spoke with BatmanOnFilm about the beloved automobile. The doctor reports from his source that the Batmobile is currently being designed by the General Motors Advanced Design Studios, which is the same team responsible for the cars in the upcoming Transformers 4.

For some odd reason, the doctor’s source mentioned that an “Old Cadillac will feature prominently in the film.” From there, the good doctor has speculated that this Cadillac could possibly be the new Batmobile, which would be an interesting choice considering the Batmobile featured in the original 1943 Batman serial was a 1939 Cadillac convertible.


So here’s my daily disclaimer: None of this information has been verified anywhere, so please make sure you have a vat of salt handy when reading this article.

What do you think? Would it be cool for them to use a simple Cadillac for the Batmobile? Or do you still prefer the highly-stylized cars from the 90’s? Let me know.

Source – BatmanOnFilm

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