Rumor: Scott Adkins Might Have Already Auditioned for Batman

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Actor and martial artist Scott Adkins is either being approached to or may have already auditioned for the new live-action Batman. Click the jump to see more.

Practically everybody has their pick for who could take up the cape and cowl for the next live-action incarnation of Batman, whose set to appear in the new Man of Steel 2 (or Batman vs. Superman, who the hell knows anymore). Last week, a rumor surfaced that we were getting an older Bats with an age range of somewhere between the late 30’s to the early 40’s, that rumor came with a list of actors being considered that corroborated that claim.

Well, a few days back, it was revealed that we’ve got another actor in the running, though he may not be a top contender, he’s at least being considered because accordingly, he has been approached to audition or may have already auditioned for the role. And that person is Scott Adkins. Adkins is known for various actioners over the years, most notably as Yuri Boyka in the Undisputed series of movies, as well as his frequent works with Jean-Claude Van Damme. His biggest roles to date have been in Expendables 2 and in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he played the mutated Weapon XI/Deadpool in the climactic battle against Wolverine.

ScottAdkins-4-bAs far as physicality and looks, he’d be a good choice. The guy definitely looks like Bruce, weak chin notwithstanding. He’s actually not too far off from Christian Bale, but more convincing because he’s built like a brick and he actually practices martial arts. However, being that the only movie I’ve actually seen him in was in X-Men Origins and in a non-speaking role to boot, I can’t say much about his acting ability.

Unfortunately, since this was reported from a Scott Adkins fansite and remains unconfirmed by all parties involved, I’d safely keep this is the rumor box for the time being.

What do you think? Do you think he looks the part? Do you think he can take up the mantle of the Bats? Let me know.

Source – Scott Adkins Fanz

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