Batman’s Infinite Crisis Champion Profile Added

by Andrew Lococo
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Infinite Crisis is the new DC MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PC game that’s coming out at some point this year, and we finally have a Batman trailer to see how the Dark Knight plays in the game. He has a few tricks up his sleeve like an ability called ‘Watching and Waiting’ which gives him armor and attack which can be doubled while he’s in stealth. While in stealth, Batman can heal over time. No good game with Batman doesn’t come with his signature weaponry though, and Infinite Crisis is no exception with the batarang being a pretty useful ability in-game. Any enemy unlucky enough to be hit by the Batarang will be stunned and let Batman restore his energy if he hits them while they are marked by his attacks. Speaking of attacks, Batman’s martial arts skills will not go unused as he continues to attack, and brutalizes his enemies using his fighting prowess,. This will eventually culminate in his ultimate move, ‘The Dark Knight’, which allows him to blind his opponent in a cloud, while Batman’s full skill set activates allowing for massive punishment. All these and more allow for great synergy with his fellow heroes in group combat as Batman is shaping up to be an incredibly useful ally in Infinite Crisis.

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Source: Youtube

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