Nightwing Confirmed For Affected Villain’s Month Character

by Andrew Lococo
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It seems these days that the former boy wonder can’t catch a break. Death of the Family, his former Robin died, and now he’s penniless in Chicago with the police after him. How could it get worse for Dick Grayson? Well…a lot, actually. I posted about a rumor a while back that Dick might be the one to be “affected in a very dramatic way.” in the words of Dan Didio. Since Dick is my favorite character, I was hoping it was just a rumor, especially after they put him through such brutal circumstances over the last year. However it was confirmed by Aaron Haaland at the DC Retailer Roadshow that “It’s going to start with Nightwing.”. What will this mean for our costumed acrobat? Will he join his former junior partner in the afterlife? Are there things worse than death waiting for him? I guess we’re going to have to wait and see.

Source: BleedingCool

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