Packaging and Art for The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Revealed

by Andrew Lococo
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While there’s no exact release date for it yet, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is going to have a new ultimate collector’s edition on Blu-Ray with a ton of bonus stuff. It was recently revealed what the packaging and art would look like, or so it seems. So far it appears to come with  some cool new villain art, toy versions of the Tumbler, the Batpod, and the Bat, as well as six blu-rays and three DVDs. Apparently these images were found on a Polish website, so this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but this does seem like a pretty good indicator, if not the actual thing, of what the ultimate collector’s edition will be offering when it is released some point this year. We’ll have more details as we get closer to the eventual release date of the trilogy on blu-ray some point during the third fiscal quarter of this year. Is it the real deal or not? Till then, check out these cool images.

Source: Collider

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