Justice League 3000: Giffen, DeMatteis And Maguire Reunite

by Michael Spiteri
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Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire, who brought us Justice League International (DC. 1987), will reunite for a futuristic rendition of DCU’s big guys and gal.

028 jl team

Howard Porter is responsible for the redesigning of the characters (check out the pictures below). It looks quite obvious that the story will be based in another millennium from now.

The team is also appraised for its comedic characteristics. Yet, from certain details found below: A military-based Superman and a mace-wielding Wonder Woman, it looks like the stories will be a tad more serious this time round.

Howard Porter’s work:

023 jl 3000 batman022 jl  3000 superman024 jl 3000 wonderwoman
025 jl 3000 the flash 026 jl 3000 green lantern


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Sources: ComicBookResources

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