Confirmed: Nolan’s Batman is OVER – Charles Roven.

by Michael Spiteri
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The idea was tossed around back and forth while teasing and/or infuriating fans. However, now we have a confirmation via MTV: Nolan’s Batman Trilogy ended with The Dark Knight Rises.

Charles Roven, who produced The Dark Knight Trilogy confirmed this while adding that even the story depicted in the trilogy has ended as well.

“No. No, the Chris Nolan universe ended – as far as Chris directing [another Batman film] I know for sure – with ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy.’”(C.Roven)

So, the idea of there being a potential Bale – Cavill team up should be forgotten now folks.

For another potential incarnation of Batman, this is what Roven had to say:

“When Zack came in, it was important to him that whatever the world was that we were building here, it allow for the possibility. We didn’t want to create a universe where that wasn’t possible. We wanted to create a universe where that might be possible.” (C.Roven)

For some this might be good news because they strictly imagined the Nolan version of Batman to be firmly associated with a hyper-realistic depiction of the imagined world there-in. However, the boundary and context was a world where no super powered beings existed.

For others, who have no problem accepting Batman in a supernatural context, along such characters as Clayface, Poison Ivy etc… may have to wait a bit in order to get their wishes granted.


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Sources: MTV

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