Previews: Batwing #19 Gatefold cover and the new Batwing debuts

by Brendon Carlson
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The Gatefold covers begin this week with Batwing #19.  Also with this issue, a new creative team with Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti as well as a new Batwing debuts.  With the Wonder Con news this weekend, it sounds like we will know who is under the mask by the end of this issue and the new Batwing has ties to the Batman family.  The preview sets the state for the transition from David Zavimbe to the new Batwing and Batman is there too.

The brand-new Batwing is “tied very, very closely to the Batman family. If you read the Batman books, and you read the last couple of pages of #19, you’re just going to smile and get where we’re going with this.”


So who do you think the New Batwing is and what connect will they already have to Batman Inc or the Batman Family?  Could it be Damian Wayne’s return?

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Source: NewsaramaIGN

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