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RATING: Must Read Issue, read carefully for cool details!

As much as I disliked the previous story arc of Batwoman called “Hydrology,” which I couldn’t even read each issue without cringing and grinding my teeth. I’m happy to say that I’ll be looking forward to reading J.H. Williams III’s (co-writer& artist) and W. Haden Blackman’s (co-writer) new story arc called “World’s Finest.” This is not be confused with Huntress and Power Girl’s comic book. This story arc is going out of Gotham City onto mythology terrain. Yup, when I say mythology I mean Wonder Thighs, well I should address her by her real name, Wonder Woman. I’m not a huge fan, but Wonder Woman is teaming up with Batwoman to duke it out with Medusa who is the primary villain in Batwoman. I love strong female characters who take no crap from anyone, but when you put two head strong women in one story arc. There’s about to be some kind of friction. I think Batwoman might do well with Wonder Woman, since Batwoman is trying to establish herself as a grounded hero with experience. Maybe Wonder Thighs…I mean Wonder Woman can teach her some of the ropes on how to make it on your own as a superhero. I’m excited to see future issues of this story arc.

Bloody Mary

As for Issue #12, it was exciting as hell! I loved that both Williams and Blackman used Bloody Mary as a villain. They’re really getting into the paranormal schema of things. The fact that Bloody Mary used mirrors to attack people was just freaky as hell and I don’t think I’ll be able to look into a mirror for awhile. I find myself avoiding the mirrors since I’ve read this issue. Freaky! If you like reading and listening to music, I suggest listening to Kraddy’s album, Labyrinth, because the songs are totally climatic with the paranormal storytelling of Batwoman in this issue. Williams art direction with his panels have grown on me, I do think that his work is masterful portraying the action sequences well and giving us conventional

Flame Bird

panels when we need it to read dialogue between the characters. I found myself reading this issue slowly because there was so much going on. I like the fact that I have to read every detail to get what’s going on with the panels, everything in this issue has purpose. I really loved the use of the burnt out bird representing Batwoman’s cousin, Flame Bird who seems to have lost her confidence as a superhero.

Check out some panels I thought was cool down below.

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