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This week, DKN Podcast will be giving you a review special podcast this week on our thoughts about the movie and certain aspects that we liked and disliked. I made sure I brought up some of the conversations from the DKN Wants to Know What You Thought About TDKR? with all your comments about the movie. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be done editing the podcast to give it to you guys tomorrow. Cool?

Anyway, Chuck Dixon who is the co-creator of Bane disliked how the character was portrayed in Batman and Robin. He even claimed that he hasn’t even watched the movie because of all the poor reviews. Now, that Christopher Nolan has given Bane a second chance here’s what Dixon thought about Bane:

“Apparently, Warner Bros. was pressuring Nolan to use the Riddler, which would have been too similar to the Joker,” Dixon continued. “Plus, the Riddler, like the Joker and so many of Batman’s villains, is no challenge against him in a mano-a-mano fistfight. Batman will wipe the floor with him in that situation.
“I am beyond glad that Nolan had the juice in Hollywood to stick to his guns,” he added. “From interviews I’ve seen, it’s clear he understands the character and he gets what we were going for. It’s not exactly what I created, but he’s physically imposing and Tom Hardy is one hell of an actor. I can’t imagine Bane being better portrayed.”
I for one was happy with Bane’s portrayal in the movie. Of course, some thought that Bane was a little disappointing.
Comment below on what you thought of Bane and why he was disappointing? Or if Bane was totally freaking awesome, let us know down below.

Source- Super Hero Hype


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