While I was reading this issue, I immediately thought of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000 movies instantly. If you don’t know or you haven’t seen these movies, it’s basically animated sci-fi movies with a ton of blood, gore, and sex. I think Red Hood and the Outlaws is touching upon those three very lightly. The issue was definitely taking some blatant sexuality with the female space suits. It’s not Starfire I’m pointing at who maintains a fully clothed space suit as feared commander of her ship, nope. I was looking at how well Red Hood’s date, Isabel’s space suit was just so “nicely” designed. I’m glad that Kenneth Rocafort (artist) took some liberties with her space suit’s design. A very lovely breast plate by Rocafort. All sarcasm aside, I thought this issue was very well done storyline wise and with the art direction.



Scott Lobdell gave Starfire her back story, which explained a bit about why she is the way she is. Rocafort did not go so chaotic with his panels and it was actually legible. I followed the issue nicely. What I am interested is how long Red Hood will be suspended in space? I’m all for sci-fi as long as the story and the art is good. The issue really reminded me of Heavy Metal 2000, if Lobdell is going to continue this deep space story arc for Starfire’s sake. I welcome it! I’m a huge fan of Heavy Metal and right now I wouldn’t mind a bit of blood, gore, and sex in deep space. Those themes are much interesting in deep space!  Of course, those themes better be taken lightly for Lobdell’s sake. We all know what happened with Judd Winick in Catwoman…removed!

Check out more images below for what I thought was cool from Red hood & the Outlaws.