I will be honest, I am not a huge fan of Batwoman. There, I said it. I don’t like the costume, I really just think Batwoman is Batgirl just older and gay. That’s it! The funny part about it is…that’s what it really is. It’s Barbara Gordon, just gay with short hair. I feel like Batwoman is Batgirl in a different universe like a Crisis on Two Earths scenario. Only the joke is…they exist in the same universe. I want so badly for either one of them to get a clue and walk the hell away from under Batman’s cape to do their own thing. Apparently, that’s what Batwoman is doing in her story arc, “Hydrology.” I’m glad that J. H. Williams III is pulling Batwoman away, but “Hydrology” was such a drowning to me. I actually stopped reading the issues until I found out that Issue #11 was the conclusion to story arc. Yay! This mystical bulls*** has ended. Now, we can really see Batwoman in action hopefully the story won’t be as disappointing as “Hydrology.”

In Issue #11, J. H. Williams continued with the flashbacks. It annoyed me that he continued this especially, the whole multiple stories in different time periods. It was unbelievable to me, it came to a point where I stopped reading about Maros (the villain) and Batwoman’s love interest, Det. Sawyer (whom I want so badly to be killed off soon), because I found both of them minor to Batwoman. They’re not as important to me maybe down the line fine, but in “Hydrology,” such confusion and frustation with those two characters. Another part of this issue is that Batwoman saves no one really. Maria (the aquatic ghost) came back and betrayed Batwoman, the kids went to another universe with Medusa, and Maros was a crap mystical villain who did nothing but have tons of monologues throughout the story arc. Maros’ monologue was giving back stories with very little purpose to this issue’s storyline. I love the artwork and the art direction by Trevor McCarthy, but damn it! The story was dragging even in the end, I just drowned in nothing for this story arc.





Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool by McCarthy.