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Producer, Jordan Goldberg, and Special Effects Supervisor, Chris Corbould, give some leaked details about why there are more daylight scenes in the movie and why it is important plot wise for Batman to be in daylight. First response is by Corbould:

Not really, I’m a great big fan of working days, I’m not nocturnal personally and I was really pleased to see that Batman actually got out during the day.  And to me, actually adds a great look, seeing batman out in the daylight, it’s a total different look, you know, there are scenes at night, but, you know, I think the end sequence is all Batman during the day and it adds a whole new element to it.

So, towards the end of the movie fight between Bane and Batman will happen at the end of the movie. EPIC GENIUS! Besides the great effects of seeing explosions during the day like when the Joker in The Dark Knight blew up the hospital. Wasn’t that just beautiful? I mean we have more daylight explosions and Goldberg shares some daylight scenes in the stadium and why Batman is around during the daylight:

I think blowing up during the day just shows you the magnitude of that.  I mean that was a real building that they blew up.  So I think if you shot that at night, you wouldn’t have gotten the total, you know, perspective of what that was.  I think maybe the same is true right now.  Sometimes games are played at night, obviously, but I think that during the day it’s just like you’re watching it – I guess when you’re there in the daylight, you can’t imagine something like that that’s gonna happen, happens.  And when it does in a movie, it takes you by surprise.

Yeah, it’s changed.  I won’t say much because I don’t want to ruin any kind of story things for you guys, but you have to think about it because obviously the guy is built to fight at night.  So the question is why. What is involved contextually of the story that would force him to take to the streets during the day?  You know what I mean?  And I think that alone should say, you know, that shows you when we talk about the scope and scale, it’s just like, the stakes have been increased because of, you know, he’s not in his comfort level in terms of him doing his fighting crime bit.

There you have it. Now, from what I get from the daylight scene responses is that Gotham City is going to see the real s*** happening all around them. Unlike, when all the crime was taken place during the night time where organized crime happened under wraps. Now, that organized crime is gone. Gotham will be shown the real deal of its beautiful city. This is just my opinion.

Comment below on why do you think some scenes are done during the daylight and the importance behind them.

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