by Kristina

Pretty much, no one really likes Mayor Garcia. He is played by Nestor Carbonell who is an integral part in the movie. Since the Harvey Dent Act was passed, the streets of Gotham have not been cleaner. However, how clean can Gotham be? Here’s part of his response:

Politics is always give and take, but I think with a man like this, form his point-of-view he’s absolutely against corruption.  And if he’s done anything within his tenure here as mayor, it’s to fight the mob head-on.  Now, you have these lunatics running around doing their own thing, they’re essentially terrorists, and that’s a different thing altogether.  But in terms of handling organized crime, this is a man who’s dead-set against it existing, and he makes it part of his campaign.

This is a man who is very much for putting out legislation where he has the freedom to really go after criminals, to really pursue them in a hard way.  I’m not saying that he’s going to violate civil liberties, but this is a man who is very much tough on crime, and takes it upon himself to take on criminals headfirst, and no, he does not appreciate someone like a Batman, or the Batman as he calls him, to come in here and solve problems. 

One way we can  describe Mayor Garcia is that he has a problem with windows. Windows are either being blow up in his face or a dead body happens to swing into in front of him. I think Carbonell summed it up best when he says this:

I think there’s a lot of fear, and I think I’m out there putting on a brave face, and letting people know that, “look, everything’s going to be fine, we’ve got it covered, and I have it covered. ” 

Then boom something bad happens to him! LOL! Comment below.

Source- Collider 


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