IMDB Full Cast List Gives Away Some Secrets

I was just surfing around the internet today and I decided to go look atThe Dark Knight Rises’s full cast list on IMDB.  Now, this list may have been there for a while now, but I never really thought or got around to checking it out.

When I went and I read through the cast list for the movie, on top of being astounded by the amount of cast and crew that there is to it, I could not help but feel like the cast descriptions help give away some of the plot of the film.

I guess the size of the cast and crew for the film only reflects on the astounding $250M budget allotted to the film.  Remember, Batman Begins had a budget of $150M and The Dark Knight had a budget of $180M.  To go to $250M for a budget is quite a leap, especially for a studio as fickle as Warner Bros.  It really reflects the faith that the studio has with Christoper Nolan.  I guess that is also why the studio basically wants Nolan involved with every other type of superhero movie that they make.

I will not say anything here in the post, but I will say that there seem to be some spoilers in the cast listing.  So if you would like to go check out the full cast list to The Dark Knight Rises here is a link.