Danny Allen’s Recent Twitter Update

Danny Allen, a British film maker/student/fanatic, recently tweeted about test screens for The Dark Knight Rises.  His tweet was very interesting to me, so I feel the need to post it.

Here it is:

He uses some strange wording in his tweet, such as haunting.  I know he is big into horror movies, but I do not think anyone could take The Dark Knight Rises as a horror film.  But what is more interesting is that the overall reaction to the film is stunning.  To leave an audience in tears has to imply that this movie is going to be everything we expect it to be.  And we do have quite lofty expectations!

However, with the recent comments from Christian Bale about being open to a fourth Batman movie, as long as Nolan as at the helm, you would have to believe that at least Bruce Wayne does not die in the film.  I have always felt that Bruce Wayne will live at the end of this movie, although I can not say the same for Batman.  So, what could it be then that leaves an audience in tears?

The excitement rises!!!