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Barbara Gordon has gone through a lot with being paralyzed, low confidence, and self doubt. I always found Barbara quite cocky, but her cockiness was due to her knowing the facts about everything. In the New 52’s, she is unsure about everything as Batgirl. She has been out of the game for three years and is learning her way back into crime fighting. Barbara has come a long way since her injury, but what kills her the most is the memories. The feeling of being helpless, being sidelined, and her anger. In Batgirl #8, she has a taste of revenge.  She finds the guy who was involved in her shooting with the Joker. There is so much anger and resentment inside of her that it really appeals to me to see her in this issue. I do believe that her walk to vengeance will be ever so sweet because it will build her character. Barbara is so factual and analytically, which keeps her confidence high. It is great to see her experience this emotion and to lose herself to it.

Batgirl #8 will be released April 11th. I would not miss this issue because this one will reveal THE GORDON FAMILY SECRET!  It is too exciting.

Do you think that DC Comics made a right call in taking Barbara out the wheelchair? Do you feel that her character will stray away from how audience view her as Batgirl? Leave your comments below or on DKN Facebook.

Source-Maxim via Gotham Spoilers 


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