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This is Matt (vendor and part of the Project Triforce)

Hey guys! Kristina here,

Last Friday, I found some cool Batman Arkham City merchandise.  Project Triforce is a high creator of officially licensed replicas of video games, feature films, comics, animation, and television. They are based in New York and they use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to make the most realistic products (merchandises) available for fans and collectors alike.

They give me the goosebumps because their work is just WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC! They were in Boston, Massachusetts for the PAX East 2012 showing off their Batman Arkham City stuff such as the batrang and the Riddler Trophy. It looked so sweet. They also do awesome Mass Effect guns weighing about 35 pounds or more. I mean it is sickening at how good they are. The Riddler Trophy is limited to only 440, which is due to only 440 riddles in the game. IRONIC! It costs about $350, which I think is good year long savings. Check out the Youtube video below to see their killer work, you will not be disappointed. I assure you.

Go onto DKN Facebook to see pictures of the Batman Arkham City merchandise.

So what do you think of their stuff? Have you found the 440 riddles in Arkham City? Let us know if you found those 440 riddles down below or on DKN Facebook.

Source- Project Triforce via Batman Arkham City News



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