Zack Snyder Shares Photo Of Flash Admiring Harley Quinn

Zack Snyder is at it again, sharing fun little tidbits, secrets and behind the scenes fun during his time with the DCEU. It was recently revealed that Snyder, in fact, did have a grand plan for the DC Universe, despite what many have said.

Jay Oliva revealed that Snyder had a 5-film arc that would’ve included Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League to go along with the now cancelled Justice League Part 2 and an unknown fifth film.

Now, Snyder has taken to his social media platform of choice, Vero, to share a behind the scenes shot of Ezra Miller’s Flash admiring a picture of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad with the caption “#tbt to love at first sight”

While the Flash and Harley did both appear in the film, they never crossed paths. Harley was a main character and focus of the plot while Flash just had a very quick (see what I did there?) cameo.

Of course, it is unknown why such a big, high quality picture of Harley is just randomly hanging on the set of Justice League. Perhaps to remind the actors of the larger world that they are a part of? Or maybe Ezra Miller just really does have a crush of Margot Robbie and this was part of his contract. Can’t say I blame him.

Miller is set to return as the Flash in his own film. Whether that film is still slated to be a Flashpoint film or more of a solo film is still yet to be confirmed. Miller had this to say:

I met (the film’s directors) recently. They’re really, really, really cool guys. I really like their work a lot, and I think they’re really great.

Really, really kind words from Miller, but it didn’t really tell us anything. It’s always good when a lead actor and director(s) have a good relationship, but it seems like there’s still a lot of work being put into this film to even get it made.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are slated to direct the film. They directed the last Vacation movie and Game Night. They also have comic book film experience, having written the script for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Hopefully they can find the right formula to get the Flash’s film going. Miller was one of the highlights of Justice League for me and I think we’re due for him to get his own film.

Heck, maybe Margot Robbie can cameo in it as Harley per Ezra’s request.

Chris Foti

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