Preview: 3 Epic Batman Related Books To End May With

by Chris Foti
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May has been a great month of comics for DC and Batman fans. Luckily for us, the May fun doesn’t have to stop since a 5th Wednesday is upon us this month. Here are some Bat-related fun you can enjoy coming out of the Memorial Day weekend and into June.


If you follow DC Comics in any capacity, whether you are a regular reader or are more casual and come in and out as events happen, every fan knows that Batman and Selina Kyle will finally be tying the knot in the wedding of the year.

Of course, a wedding of this magnitude will attract attention to the greater DC Universe. Ra’s al Ghul, who’s the maternal grandfather of Bruce Wayne’s son Damian, has returned. He wishes to speak with his grandson about one day takeover as the heir to his empire, a position once offered to the Batman himself once upon a time.

This book kicks off five-one shots from Tim Seeley and Brad Walker leading to the big wedding.


Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are great allies and yes, even good friends. So it’s to no surprise that the offspring of the World’s Finest would team up from time to time. 

Robin and Superboy team up with Dynomutt to find out why his companion, Blue Falcon, has seemingly turned evil and how the evil Red Vulture might play into it. 


Finally, rounding out your Bat-related books for the end of May is the epic finale of No Justice. Brought to you by James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Scott Snyder, Marcus To and Francis Manapul, this book will reveal the next evolution of the Justice League.

All of these books will be available on physical and digital shelves on May 30th. Which ones do you plan on picking up? 

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