Comic-Con One Shot: Harley Quinn meets…Stephen Amell?

The cover for the issue.

The San Diego Comic-Con is rapidly approaching, and with it comes all the fun little exclusive swag and one-shot comics that typically are found in these sort of events. One of these one-shot comics about the Con is one about everyone’s favorite jester darling, Harley Quinn. The comic is more or less about Harley trying to pitch her new comic about a superhero named “Hurl Girl”, whose power is to throw up. While this seems the norm for someone like Harley in her current ongoing, it’s who she meets that starts making this outing get a little meta. She’ll be meeting people like Arrow actor Stephen Amell. Along with the regular creative team of Jimmy Palimiotti and Amander Conner, there’ll be myriad of artists on the issue, drawing Harley’s own self-drawn pages for her comic. Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International hits shelves July 16th, the week before the convention begins. Be sure to check it out, and see what its like when Harley decides she wants to become a part of the comic industry instead just the comics itself.


Source: CBR