Review: Birds of Prey #11

by Fay Clark
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Worlds Without End” – Part Three
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artists: Robbi Rodriguez, Javier Pina & Gavin Guidry
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by Fay Clark

Weird worlds, portals and crazy murderesses. Yep, seems like a pretty standard day for the Birds of Prey. Last time we saw Barda’s portal world, and towards the end of the issue we were jumping through to Sin’s portal world… let’s see what horrors she has in store for us in Birds of Prey #11.


Prehistoric Problems

I love that we get to figure everything out alongside the Birds. Kelly Thompson is giving us clues and we get to solve the mystery of the portals in this pocket dimension in real time. Thompson has this amazing skill for being able to write a full inner monologue for Black Canary while making sure we know what is going on with the other characters. There is no one left out of moment. There is a very touching moment between Vixen and Canary in Birds of Prey #11 that is a testament to Kelly’s writing.

The plot line for this arch is absolutely insane. I am so intrigued to see where Thompson is taking this. We have no idea what is ever going to happen next, and that is one of the major hooks of this series. The other being the stunning bonds that the Birds have created within the team. Even though we have changed out some members from the original team, the connection is still strong. Women supporting Women will never get old. Thompson shows real love and understanding of each of the characters she is writing for, which at this point is a cast of anywhere between 5 and 10 people at any given time.

Tiny Arms and a Big Head

We have 3, count them, 3 artists working on Birds of Prey #11. These are all people who have worked on this series before, so need no introduction. I can understand why you would want all of them working on this issue though. There is a lot going on. The details put into the foreground and background of every panel are so rich and add so much more to the world. Not to mention the amount of costume designs Robbi Rodriguez, Javier Pina and Gavin Guidry must have to work though. 100% worth it in my opinion. The ladies are always dressed to impress. Once you add the color styling of Jordie Bellaire, you have one of the most competent art teams out there. Jordie always manages to match the tonal shift of the portal world to the colors she uses, and it is stunning to see.


I am satisfied just being along for the ride with my ladies. When this run started I never thought we would end up in Dinoland, Kelly Thompson has to have a clear goal set out here, but I can confidently say I have no idea what it is. The only thing I request to keep seeing is these kick-butt women being a stand out team of the decade.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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