Review: Birds of Prey #10

by Fay Clark
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Worlds Without End” – Part Two
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artists: Robbi Rodriguez & Gavin Guidry
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by Fay Clark

Someone is trying their best to kill Batgirl, but the Birds aren’t having it. They now find themselves in a random portal space, trying to come to terms with just what the heck is going on. Let’s hope the birds can get some answers to all this weirdness, in Birds of Prey #10.

Russian Roulette featuring Portals

Here we are again, contemplating how Kelly Thompson has managed it. This issue is, once again, not at all what I expected. We get amazing backstories and truly horrifying revelations while Thompson takes introducing new characters to a whole new level. I now want to know everything about, well… everything.

Once again I’d like to harp on about the relationship between Barda and Cass because there’s nothing like it. Every interaction between those two is so pure. Kelly really knows how to strengthen the relationship between the team members and show off how well they know each other.

This comic feels like a full novel within 22 pages. I have no idea how Kelly Thompson pulls it off each month, but the storytelling’s amazing. The suspense and mystery of the overall plotline are so tantalizing. When you start reading you want to absorb everything and don’t want it to end. I can’t understand people who are not reading this series…that’s pure madness.

Fighting 50s

Robbi Rodriguez is back! I’ve seen his work on other comics and love his style. His style meshes really well with Gavin Guiday’s art and there was a difference that I noticed, but in a good way. These Portals take the team into different eras and change their looks every time the Birds go through one.

It must be so much work to change the style for every issue, but it’s definitely worth it. The ladies look amazing in every style we have seen so far, and when you add the color work of Jordie Bellaire to the mix, you get a stunning new team every time. The slightly desaturated look of the portal realms is clear and readers can tell they’re in the same location… just different. That’s a hard thing to pull off but this artistic team makes it work.


This series keeps giving me things I didn’t know I wanted. All the different looks for the team and the bonding sessions add so much more to the storylines. There’s nothing these ladies can’t make work, and that’s evident in Birds Of Prey #10.

I’ll be sticking around to see more of the great work the team is doing, and recommend that you do the same!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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