Review: Nightwing #115

by Steve J Ray
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“Fallen Grayson” – Part Two, and “Titans #12: Preview”
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Bruno Redondo and Caio Filipe (Nightwing), Lucas Meyer (Titans)
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by Steve J. Ray

Dick Grayson manages to escape the frying pan only to fall straight into the fire, in this month’s incredible Nightwing #115.

We left our hero in shock after less than reputable sources revealed that Dick’s fortune, left to him by the late, great Alfred Pennyworth, had been acquired illegally. Of course, none of us will believe a word of that, but the Bat family will need proof. Thankfully, Dick and his Poppa-Bat are two of the greatest detectives on the planet, but they’ve only got three issues left to wrap this all up!

Tom Taylor is pulling out all the stops with the “Fallen Grayson saga. The slow-burn story featuring Blüdhaven’s newest, and arguably most evil villain ever, has been slowly reaching boiling point since this creative team started on this series.

Now, I read this series monthly, so am enjoying every issue as it comes out. However, I’m also collecting the hardcover editions, which give me whole chunks of story at a time. Some creators work best writing episodically, while others’ work reads far better in large chunks. Tom Taylor’s one of the very few talents who does both impeccably.

Of course, Bruno Redondo’s art, Adriano Lucas’ colors, and Wes Abbott’s letters also rock. We get great inks from Caio Filipe this month, too. Nightwing’s trials and tribulations this month are non-stop, action-packed, and stunningly rendered. This is, without doubt, one of the finest creative teams working in comics today. I’m really going to miss them.

Once again, the moments set in the past are clearly different from those set today, thanks to the beautifully designed benday dot colors employed by the wonderful Mr. Lucas. They take me back to my youth and evoke nostalgia. Lovely.

Once again, this month’s second feature is a preview of the latest Titans issue (also out this week). While this remains frustrating to me, as I read and collect both titles, this will hopefully lure new readers to Nightwing‘s sister series once Tom and the gang move on. Of course, seeing art by Lucas Meyer with more from Wes and Adriano will always be welcome, too. Plus, it’s always cool seeing a possible new member of the team get their start.


Nightwing #115 is a triumph, even though the heart-stopping cliffhanger has left me scared and anxious. There’s a lot of story to wrap up in chapters three to five… and I can’t wait.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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