Review: Batman: Gotham By Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1

by Carl Bryan
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“Batman: Gotham By Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age” – Book One
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Leandro Fernandez
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Review by Carl Bryan

Written by Andy Diggle, with visuals by Leandro Fernandez, Dave Stewart, and Simon Bowland, Batman: Gotham By Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1 starts a whole new epic saga.

Yes, the next chapter of the classic Batman: Gotham by Gaslight saga has finally hit our shelves! The new era of Elseworlds kicks off with the return of its crown jewel, the mysterious and gothic world originated by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola!

When a mysterious meteor falls on the wide-open plains of the Midwest, it unleashes a chain of events that find Gotham’s bizarre Batman contending with, not just the twin threats of the Catwoman and a mysterious international assassin, but also the emergence of superhuman beings beyond all comprehension!

This sequel series expands the 19th-century DC Universe beyond the confines of Gotham City, showcasing bold new visions of once-familiar heroes…

What am I but one of your meteors?”
– Excerpt from “Year of Meteors (1859-60” by Walt Whitman

We All Know THE Story…

The creative team delivers a new tilt on that “Meteor” that landed somewhere in the midwest. Given the 19th-century setting, it makes sense that Jonathan and Martha are riding in a covered wagon on their way across Kansas. I’m just worried about that horse…

Selina Kyle

Selina makes herself known in society. She’s a woman with a reputation and Gotham City’s not quite ready to accept her… but that’s okay as it provides the perfect cover to lift treasures from a betrothed Bruce Wayne. Holy Julie Madison, Batman! The Dark Knight’s original Golden Age girlfriend is, once again, the apple of Bruce’s eye.

Speaking of Bruce… he’s nowhere to be found.

Selina, however, is quietly assembling a team of forgotten and scorned women. Andy Diggle’s written a Catwoman who’s on the level with Robin Hood; why should the rich have all that money when Gotham is full of poverty? Also, why should Bruce possess a shiny, extremely expensive-looking, glowing green ring?

Sidebar… pay attention to Selina’s vocabulary. She has quite a command of the Queen’s English!

The League of Shadows?

Of course, anyone with a decent knowledge of Batman’s history knows that the League of Shadows has had to have been around since the beginning of time and would exist in this 19th-century story. Well played, Mr. Diggle, putting Batman in a love “square’ with Selina, Talia, and Julie Madison. Where will you lead us next, in this new tale?

I Hear That Train A-Coming…

I’m no Johnny Cash, but the train that the League of Shadows is assaulting Batman on is a pretty bloody mess.  I can’t wait to see how THIS Batman gets out of his current state of staring down Talia’s blade. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age #1 was clever, so let’s see how the introduction of some new wrinkles leaves this universe on the edge of its seat.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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