DC To Relaunch Elseworlds Imprint

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics plans to restart the Elseworlds imprint with new concepts, as well as sequels to Gotham by Gaslight and Dark Knights of Steel.

DC announced the news at New York City Comic Con‘s “Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse” panel. The latest imprint of Elseworlds will feature a mixture of continuations of previously established alternate universes, as well as new ones. Of the continuing titles include: Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian AgeDC vs. Vampires: World War V, Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter, and Green Lantern Dark. New alternate continuities include Batman the Barbarian and Batman: Nightfire.

DC’s Executive Editor Ben Abernathy stated how Elseworlds allows creators to come up with the craziest concepts that would never fit into main continuity.

Out-of-continuity stories have always been a pillar of DC publishing, granting creators the ability to explore all the wild corners of the DC Universe. We’re excited to bring a whole new slate of titles under the Elseworlds banner in 2024, combining some all-new titles from top storytellers, as well as sequels from the current DC line that fit that same out-of-continuity aesthetic.”

While DC did not specifically give release dates for these new titles, they plan to relaunch the Elseworlds imprint in early 2024.

Check out the following announced titles:

Elseworlds Line-Up

Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age will follow up the first Gotham by Gaslight. However, this time the story will take Batman out of Gotham and introduce him to the 19th century version of the  Justice League. The League will investigate Earth’s secret history with Krypton. It is a 12-issue series by Andy Diggle and Leandro Fernandez.

Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter is a Deathstroke-centered sequel to the original Dark Knights of Steel seriesThe tale will feature a Norse-influenced Deathstroke wandering the icy wastelands to end a curse. Creators Jay Kristoff and Tirso Cons will both make their DC Comics feature debut with this series. This sequel will be a 6-part series.

Green Lantern Dark features the Tangent version of Green Lantern. On a post-apocalyptic Earth that is overrun by monsters, Green Lantern is the world’s only hope. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been seen in years. This will be a 7-issue series by Tate Brombal and Werther Dell’Edera.

DC vs. Vampires: World War Z shows the aftermath of the first Vampires series. The sunlight has been restored on Earth, but will that be enough to stop Barbara Gordon, the new Queen of the Vampires? This is a 12-issue sequel by Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt.

Batman the Barbarian is set in a rugged, medieval era. The 6-issue series will retell Batman’s origins through that lens.  Greg Smallwood will both write and draw the comic… and that’s really exciting!

Batman: Nightfire will feature a new continuity where Batman travels to the past to stop a tragedy. Clay and Seth Mann will write and illustrate the series. This will be a 6-issue series.

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