Review: Batman and Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4

by Kendra Smart
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“The Creatures Were Stirring”
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Danny Kim and Steven Segovia
Color Artist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Review by Kendra Smart

Batman and Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 is here at last and with it the conclusion to our Christmas tale.

When last we left our friends, Damian had been kidnapped by Krampus as Superman had been taken over and brought down the wall of ice that kept back the creatures of Klaus’ past. Our heroes are here to help Santa but will they be able to stop the onslaught and rescue Damian? Let’s settle into our comfy blankets and see!

All The Banished Return For Vengeance

There’s a lot on the line as everyone joins the fray to not only save the holiday but also the world. Krampus is fighting against himself as Damian watches his captor argue over the best means to dispose of him. How long the fight will go on is up for debate, but Damian’s one smart cookie, just like his Dad.

The Weather Outside Is Disrespectful

Jeff Parker and the art team for this series have genuinely created pure magic, as they’ve spun a tale that DC should be proud of. The sentimental folk amongst us will enjoy the thread of Klaus knowing everyone and their respective wishes, but when it comes to Damian and Bruce’s relationship, things take a heart-wrenching toll. We all know what young Bruce’s wish might be, and Santa can make up for that lost childhood by creating a story he can tell for years… brilliant.


Batman and Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4 gives us all a new take on what Christmas means, and most certainly what the true spirit of the holiday is. I like the way the story of Krampus and Klaus was depicted and intertwined so interactively with the DCU. Each one of the interactions and reactions is genuine and heartwarming.

It’s always nice to see our favorite characters in the holiday spirit, so I’ll take a note from these creators and enjoy the best moments with those I love.

Happy Holidays!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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