Review: Justice Society of America #8

by Kendra Smart
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“Black Light”
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Mikel Janín
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Kendra Smart

Justice Society of America #8 gives readers some real meat to chew on.

We’ve watched over the series arc as heroes and sidekicks, apprentices and proteges have returned to our reality…. but they’re not exactly found. They’re each finding their way in this new existence, trying to figure out where they stand. 

This is something Helena Wayne can certainly attest to, she’s out of her time and timeline and struggling to save those that she KNOWS can be saved, trying to find footfalls along the way. We last left her after a not-so-great meeting with Grundy. The main cover by Mikel Janín showcases one of the main characters, Ruby Sokov. So let’s meet her. 

What Do We Fall Down?

When the issue begins, we find ourselves in what looks like the backstreets, in Moscow. A young lady who seems to be in trouble at first soon turns the tide on her attackers. Her goal? Knowledge, as to where her father is. Ruby Sokov has her mission, but her actions don’t go unnoticed by Justice Society members. 

Helena knows who Ruby is, as she’s seen her grow past her pain, but that was years in the future and a timeline that may not exist. The Society members seem to be divided over what to do with the people on Helena’s list, and Alan Scott seems more adamant that Ruby is a lost cause, even though it’s one that seems personal to him and has to do with Vladimir Sokov, The Red Lantern. Can he put aside his past to give Ruby a chance? Also, just who is this other time traveler?

Crimson Flame

I love the spin this comic gives to Golden Age history. There’s something about this particular storyline and I’m very curious to see what Geoff Johns has in mind for the Vladimir angle, or if we’ll get to see closure between Alan and Ruby. The genius in “The Lost Children” arc is meeting these characters again with spotlights on them in ways that make us want to know them better. This is a revisited love that’s deepened by both words and art. 

The visuals in this series deliver a masterful mix of nostalgia mixed with elements of modern art and flow. From facial expressions to the exquisitely detailed depiction of Vladimir fueled by Ruby’s power, the love for this world is felt on every level and it’s hard to find fault when the marks hit are so high.


Justice Society of America #8 opens new doorways in this story, but one thing’s for sure; Helena Wayne has the dedication it takes to find her purpose and her way back to where she belongs. I look forward to watching the world unfold with fellow fans!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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