‘Merry Little Batman’ Trailer Drops

by Eric Lee
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The trailer for Merry Little Batman has dropped and it shows toddler Damian Wayne donning a mini Bat-suit.

Batman needs to leave Wayne Manor to go on a mission leaving Damian more or less by himself in the mansion. Enter the Joker and the rest of the rogues gallery. They devise a very Grinch-like plan to steal Christmas, including the Christmas tree and decorations at Wayne Manor. This leaves only Damian and Alfred to defend their home.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’… At Christmas!

Interesting holiday tidbits about the trailer. It seems like this movie is set way in an alternate future, even though Damin is way younger than he appears in the comics. In this reality, Batman was so effective at stopping crime that he retired and grew a beard ala Dark Knight Rises. So, something super important must have occurred to make him don the cape and cowl again.


Also, the villains all look super old- and that’s not just because The Regular Show’s Mike Roth directed the film and contributed to the art design. The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Bane, and especially poor Poison Ivy are really showing their age. They are practically all saggy skin, bones, and greying hair. Expect the Joker… but we’re pretty sure he dies his hair that green color to keep up his youthful facade. Plus, Mr. Freeze in a Hawaiian shirt? I guess we know where he went for his retirement.

Meta Jokes Galore

Another funny thing is how the movie trailer is already packed with meta jokes. When Damian enters the Batcave to choose a Bat suit to wear, we see the Batman and Robin nipples on one suit. This leaves Damian to disregard it as, “Well that one just leaves nothing to the imagination…”.

Then there’s the ending stinger, where Batman and Damian bump knuckles and harmonize a little tune similar to the Batman ’66 theme song.

Will Merry Little Batman be the definitive Batman movie? Probably not, but if we need another Batman coming out of retirement story that is different than The Dark Knight Returns, then this will probably suffice. Plus, it’s Christmas!

Merry Little Batman will premiere on Amazon Prime on December 8th in North America.

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