‘The Bat-Man: First Knight’ is an Old School Murder Mystery

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics has announced another alternate take on The Dark Knight, with The Bat-Man: First Knight.

Dan Jurgens will be writing and Mike Perkins will illustrate the three-issue mini-series. Jurgens is most famous for his work on Superman and Perkins is best known for his realistic style in Action Comics and Marvel’s Captain America, during the epic “Winter Soldier” saga.

First Knight’s Retro Setting

The series also features Batman wearing the costume as he first appeared in Detective Comic #27, complete with purple gloves and slanted bat ears. First Knight is a murder mystery set in 1939, the same year Batman debuted in comics. The world is still recovering from World War I, but also trying to resist the advent of World War II. In America, fascist rhetoric is on the rise in the seediest parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Gotham City is experiencing a string of gruesome and violent murders, where all evidence points to suspects who have already died in the electric chair. All the while, the mysterious Bat-Man has appeared in the city to take down crime with a vengeance. Will the Caped Crusader be able to survive this crazy new world that has growing new threats? Will Gotham survive the Bat-Man’s vigilante mission?

The issue features a main cover by Perkins, while Ramon Perez and Jacob Phillips provide variants. Additionally, Marc Aspinall has created a super-cool”pulp” variant cover- which also has a weathered look, faux bent pages, and overly dramatic, pulp-style cover blurb.

The series will be published under the Black Label imprint, with each of the three issues being printed in oversized prestige format.

The Bat-Man: First Knight comes out on March 5, 2024.

Source: Comicbook.com

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