Review: Knight Terrors: Catwoman #2

by Adam Ray
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“Knight Terrors: Catwoman” – Part Two
Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Leila Leiz
Color Artist: Marissa Louise
Letterer: Josh Reed
Review by Adam Ray

Knight Terrors: Catwoman #2 hits the ground running with intense action to match the first half of the saga. We get the same drama of the event with the layered character turmoil that Catwoman’s been bursting with, thanks to Tini Howard’s masterful command of the character. Pairing that with art and color schemes that perfectly set the numerous tones and the unique situations, easily adds up to this being one of the stronger stories from the whole Knight Terrors event.

We see Selina thrust into the position of the most senior hero in a nightmarish Gotham. She handles training a younger Batman and an underdeveloped, but still sinister Joker, masterfully. I don’t think Selina would’ve been able to handle this even two years ago in the current continuity. The level of growth and development has really pushed Catwoman into the sphere of possibly being DC’s greatest antihero, compared to the common assumption of her simply being DC’s greatest thief.

This issue oozes a sincere dreamlike state, even though the plot’s still coherent and clear, unlike most dreams. However, things jump around constantly and feel disjointed, just like in a dream. When you pair all of this with Leila Leiz’s nightmarish art and Marissa Louise’s perfect use of color, making things feel matte and soft enough to lull us in, then things truly become dreamlike and uncertain.


The dream might be melting into wakefulness, but Selina’s definitely not out of the nightmare yet. After Knight Terrors: Catwoman #2, there’s nothing clear as to what her next steps should be, as the villains that had been trying to claim her corner of Gotham are still out there. Add to this the fact that the tension between her and the “Man [she still] loves” is at an all-time high, then truly anything could happen in the main series of Catwoman. The good news is that I trust this creative team to tell unforgettable stories every time.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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