Review: Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #3

by Kendra Smart
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Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU” – Part Three
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Logan Faerber
Letterer: Ferran Delgado
Review by Kendra Smart

Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #3 is upon us this month, and boy are things getting a bit… rewritten. When last we left our pair of Harleys, we were just beginning to understand just how the world was screwed up in our alternate Harley’s timeline. Now, ours is suffering from a specific case of amnesia, and this is where we jump back into the mix!

With covers this go round, we get art from the always exciting Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Tyler Kirkman and Alejandro Sanchez, and Karl Mostert and Dan Brown. Each of them brings their own dedication and flair to their piece. From an homage to Action Comics #1 from 1938, to Harley sitting pretty in front of the Starro brain-washed villains or the Wayback machine… there are no bad options.

Space Diarrhea

Beginning the journey on Krypton, we arrive at the exact moment that history was made, witnessing Kal-El getting bundled and sent off planet, in order to be saved from the impending doom that will claim his homeworld. Unfortunately, this is the moment in which Harley shows up. The two Harleys are in a race against, not only the corrupted timelines, but also against Starro, all to fix what’s been broken.

However, Starro is a mastermind for a reason and has already recruited a team to take out the Harley’s and stop them from his takeover plans, the ones that hinge on the heroes staying gone. With things being far more complex than what’s on the surface, it’s up to Harley to fit the pieces back together to save the heroes from herself, and uncover all the secrets to figure out just what is going on.

All’s Well That Ends With Spilled Monkey Urine

Frank Tieri does an amazing job setting up several plot points in Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #3. Something seems amiss with our renegade rebel Harley and it will be interesting to see how she knows so much, and just what and who she’s hiding, for that matter. The artwork from Logan Faerber is amazing, as it changes from page to page. There’s always something interesting to look at and that catches the eye. I really think there was only one thing that my mind struggled with and that was the full form of Supes, but only because of how different a take on him art style wise was presented.


It feels like Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #3 is leading readers towards an epic clash, one that will absolutely pose an issue for Harley in more ways and visages than one. It will be intriguing to see which pathways Harley will journey down in order to find her way to fixing things. I’ll see you guys for the next issue!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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