Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #66-#71

by Marsha Reilly
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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #66-#71
CRC Payne – Creator
Rhett Bloom (StarBite) – Creator
Review by Marsha Reilly

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #66-71 provide cute and feel-good stories! New chapters are released every Thursday on WebToons, providing a perfect break during your busy days.

Did You Have Fun Making Friends?

Poison Ivy’s here! While Harley’s in hospital on “The good pain meds”, booping a nose that isn’t there, Ivy starts making friends. Oh, and she’s also yelling at the heroes she’s making friends with for killing their plants. Of course, no-one has a green thumb like Dr. Pamela, and promising to stay by her girlfriend’s side isn’t going to stop her from showing the Bats how its done.

Jason and Cass also show Duke Thomas how it’s done. Blowing holes in walls, jumping through windows, exploding the floors, Red Hood and Orphan teach the newest Bat all the different ways to sneak up on villains. The lesson learned though, is that doors are much more surprising that forcing an entry, as a certain Mr. Cobblepot says when he’s being arrested:

But you never enter through the door! It’s not fair!

Alfred also learns a valuable lesson, and that’s that he’s important to the Bat Family. When Dick finds out that the beloved butler will be spending the holidays alone, he makes it his mission to get everyone back to the Wayne Mansion in time. Everyone arrives to surprise Mr. Pennyworth with food, love, and even a hug. Finally, Damian and Steph receive an unexpected lesson in the skill of fighting in heels. Selina’s very proud… Bruce is very confused.


We see a different side of Barbara when Commissioner Gordon’s life is threatened. The villains targeting her dad, wanting to use her as a hostage, see her as a vulnerable, helpless victim. Just leverage for their gains. She’s just happy that it’s her being held at gunpoint and not her father.

Seeing herself through their eyes is awful though. We know that Barbara, Batgirl and Oracle, is anything but weak, but to them, they just see a wheelchair bound girl to use. At least the Bat Family will have her back, no matter what crazy plans she comes up with to protect the people she loves. At least they all know that she’s strong and capable no matter what name she uses.

I actually enjoyed seeing her use the kidnappers’ opinions of her against them. Serves them right for looking down on her and thinking that she’s just a simple damsel in distress.

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