Review: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10

by Bryant Lucas
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“Strange Visitor” – Part Four
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Dan Mora
Color Artist: Tamra Bonvillain
Letterer: Steve Wands
Review by Bryant Lucas

Boy Thunder’s true identity is revealed in this week’s  Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10.

Last issue, The Joker and The Key captured Superman’s new sidekick, and this chapter picks up right where the last issue left off, as Superman, Batman, and the Teen Titans desperately scramble to find the young hero. Meanwhile, The Joker and The Key have detained Boy Thunder in a forcefield designed to prevent him from using his powers. The Joker proceeds to torture him with the hopes of extracting Batman and Superman’s secret identities.

The Big Reveal

I’ve been reading comics for over a decade and a half now, so I’ve been around the block. I’m at the point where rarely am I ever left gobsmacked at the end of an issue. However, the last page of World’s Finest #10 left me stunned. There was an audible thud as my jaw hit the floor when Mark Waid revealed the true identity of Boy Thunder.

For long-time DC fans, the last page of this issue will likely delight and stupify, as Waid pulls a fast one, reviving a character that readers haven’t seen in a hot minute. Also, this issue raises a LOT of questions about the fate of Earth-0 and its place in the Multiverse. (Alright… I’ll shut up now before I give anything away).

Mora Mora Mora

I’m at the point where it’s somewhat nauseating for me to write this section of the review. I’m just at a loss – I don’t know how else to sing the praises of Dan Mora without sounding redundant. The man’s got it all; his style is clean, unique, and stylized. Mora brings an exorbitant amount of energy and life to the title; I don’t believe that this series would have been such a success without his artwork.

This issue proves that Mora is incredibly versatile. Most of the series so far has been a giant, goofy love letter to the Silver Age, but this chapter verges on horror, due to the level of violence in the narrative. Watching The Joker torture someone is never funny and watching Boy Thunder respond isn’t pleasant either. Nevertheless, Mora captures these moments wonderfully, as his visuals evoke the terror of the situation.


World’s Finest #10 is just absolutely fantastic. Waid’s script is so much fun and will undoubtedly delight fans with the big reveal. Mora can do no wrong. His artwork hits all the right notes emotionally and is just a wonder to behold. In short – this series just keeps getting better by the issue.

Final Verdict: You don’t often find a perfect issue, but this one is a…

10 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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