Sideshow Announces Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure

by Marsha Reilly
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Inspired by the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, and capturing actress Margot Robbie’s likeness amazingly, Sideshow Collectibles have just released this stunning Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure.

Here’s what her creators say about her:

What is she doing back in prison? Based on the likeness of actress Margot Robbie, the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure measures 21” tall and 11.25” wide. Harley stands on a psychedelic base with her name and signature diamond pattern slowly melting into a multicolored reflection of her own bizarre mindscape. Twirling her pigtails coyly, she holds Javelin’s javelin and waits for inspiration to strike like the big target-shaped eye of Project Starfish. 

The Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure

Happily holding Javelin’s javelin, behind Harley, her name and signature diamond pattern melt into a multicolored puddle, showing us a little of what her weird and scary mind comes up with. The details captured in her version of the comic’s beloved roller-derby outfit are crazy too.

From the laces of her combat boots to the buckles and tiny zip of her corset, everything about this figure is packed with movie-accurate minute details. Her awesome cropped motorbike jacket with her diamonds worn off at the back and the phrase “Live Fast, Die Clown”, is getting the love it deserves on this figure. Even the blood red of her outfit is the same shade we saw in the movie!

Standing at a grand 21” tall and her base being 11.25” wide, the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure will demand attention no matter where she is. Which she would have done anyway because, well… just look at her! 

If you’re looking to add more to your collection, the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure is available to pre-order today. Or, you can find one of their many other figures to suit your taste.  To to to to 

What’s In Harley’s Box? 


  • Polystone, PVC

Product Size

  • Height: 21″ (53.3 cm)
  • Width: 11.25″ (28.6 cm)
  • Depth: 15″ (38.1 cm)

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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