‘Caped Crusader’ Shopping Around Other Streaming Services

by Eric Lee
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The cartoon series Batman: Caped Crusader is currently looking for another streaming service to host it.

When originally announced last year, HBO Max originally planned to stream Caped Crusader. However, in light of the recent shake-ups and cancellations from Warner Bros Studios, the animated series has lost its spot on the docket.

The show was part of the crop of animated features recently cut from HBO Max’s schedule as a part of the studio’s great purge of content. Other animated projects included Merry Little Batman, The Day the Earth Blew Up: A Looney Tunes Movie, Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Tunes Musical, Did I Do That to the Holidays: A Steve Urkel Story, and The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie.

Fortunately, there’s still hope. Reports indicate that Caped Crusader is now looking around at other streaming services that can present it. This includes big names, like Apple TV, Netflix, and Hulu. The show is said to be of “Intense interest”.

The idea that Warner Bros is making a Batman cartoon and not showing it on its own streaming service may seem odd. However, selling a show to another service is a way to make more money for the studio, according to The Hollywood Reporter

It’s believed that the various Warners divisions making the show and movies will make more money on the titles by selling them to other outlets than having them on Warners’ own streamer. This is yet another example of the shift away from the corporate strategy that had gripped the studios in recent years: populate your own streamer and build eyeballs.

Bruce Timm will executive produce Caped Crusader. This marks his return to a regular Batman cartoon after heading the seminal Batman: The Animated Series for years in the 90s. The Batman director Matt Reeves, former Batman writer Ed Brubaker, and Star Wars director JJ Abrams also executive produce the series. With talent like this attached to the project, one hopes that the show can find a new home soon!

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