Mad Beauty DC Comics Face Masks

by Louise Dempsey
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It’s time to fight that grime with Mad Beauty.

These Cosmetic Superhero masks have the power to help refresh and moisturize skin. Whether you choose the Kryptonite-free Superman mask, the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin, or last, but certainly not least, the Wonder Woman mask. Apparently, these have been available for a while but somehow I’ve only just discovered them.

The collection includes four sheet masks inspired by Batman, Superman, Robin, and Wonder Woman. They’re available to purchase separately or as a set. Each of the masks has different scents and its own skin rejuvenating properties.

The Batman mask is designed to rejuvenate the skin and has a black tea scent.

The Superman mask is designed to moisturize and hydrate and is enriched with coconut to smooth and protect the skin.

The Robin mask is scented with cucumber and is designed to refresh and hydrate the skin.

The Wonder Woman face mask is designed to rejuvenate the skin and has a watermelon scent.

The masks are easy to apply but are quite fragile and tear easily, so you have to be quite careful when removing them from the packaging. At first, they feel really slimy but once applied they feel fantastic and relaxing. Once on, I would recommend placing a towel around your neck (or under your head if lying down) as the residue from the masks does tend to drip quite a bit.

So far I have only used the Batman black tea mask. The scent is pleasant and my skin felt absolutely amazing afterward. I can’t wait to try the other three when I have time.

As well as the sheet masks, The Mad Beauty DC collection also includes Clip and Clean hand sanitizing gels that come in a small bottle with a clip, so they’re easy to take everywhere. The hand sanitizer is non-sticky and has a gel texture. In addition to cleaning, thanks to its aloe vera formula, it also hydrates the hands.

Each of the gels has the same scent as the face masks.

The Face masks and the Clip and Clean sanitizing gels are available to order from the Mad Beauty website.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Mad Beauty

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