McFarlane Toys Releases Super Powers Line

by James Byrd
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McFarlane Toys is taking collectors back to the 1980s with the release of its new Super Powers line based on the classic Kenner action figure line of the same name.

Glory Days

Lately, a cursory glance around the various action figure blogs and forums reveals a curious sight. Grown men and women, overcome with childhood joy, zooming around their living room with Superman and Batman, sometimes as their own children look on in confusion. Such is the (super) power of nostalgia. McFarlane Toys has certainly tapped into that magic with its reboot of the classic Super Powers line of DC action figures.

Even the boss man himself; Todd McFarlane is not immune to their simple charm.

Feel young again

Everything about these Super Powers figures is meant to conjure feelings of adventure and freedom in children of the 80s. From the brightly colored packaging to the real cloth capes, and even the wacky vehicles. (Why exactly does Superman need a Supermobile with extending punching arms?)

The peeps at McFarlane Toys have tapped into something magical with this Wal-Mart exclusive series. Wave 1, featuring Superman, Batman, Darkseid, the Batwing and the aforementioned Supermbobile has already reached Wally World shelves. We’ll also be seeing Wave 2 additions, such as Green Lantern John Stewart. The Batman Who Laughs and Flash should be appearing any day now.

Press Release Images and Video Content Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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