The First Batwheels Trailer Debuts

by James Byrd
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The first Batwheels trailer, an animated Batman spin-off aimed at the pre-school set, has made its debut at Sand Diego Comic-Con 2022.

Think of the children

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation unveiled the first trailer for their trailblazing series about the adventures of a team of sentient bat-vehicles during the ‘Comics Are Fun For Everyone” panel at Comic-Con.

The trailer for Batwheels reveals a tantalizing pallet of bright colors, a peppy group of characters with, no doubt, strongly held beliefs about the nature of friendship and teamwork, and lots and lots of flips and jumps.

Let’s take a peek:

Wheel big fun

Despite the stellar animation and a top-notch voice class including established starts like Ethan Hawke and Gina Rodriguez, the Batwheels trailer does raise some questions: How did these machines achieve self-awareness? Is every car, truck, plane and duck-boat alive in this world? How do these sentient machines navigate the fraught road between good and evil? Are they beholden to whims of their respective drivers are do they possess at least some semblance of self-determination? Why is Buff the Bat-truck not a grumpy version of Batmobeast waiting to learn how life is better with friends? (That one is seriously a huge missed opportunity on DC’s part). Will my niece be content with the toy version of Bibi, the Batgirl-cycle, for her birthday or will she demand the entire set of these meddlesome Batwheels!?

Hopefully at least some of these questions will be answered come Batman Day, Sept. 17, when The Secret Origins of The Batwheels premiers on Cartoonito on HBO Max before its next showing on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network.

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