Review: Robin #16

by Fay Clark
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Lazarus Secrets
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Roger Cruz and 
Norm Rapmund
Color Artist: Luis Guerrero
Letterer: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Review by Fay Clark

We’re back again, and I love it! Robin has been through so much lately. Honestly, what a mess! Between his family and his new set of friends, Damian hasn’t had any time to gather his wits and relax. Let’s hope he gets some, in Robin #16.

Lord Drama Man

There’s nothing more tragic than a dramatic person who has no audience. Luckily, Joshua Williamson will always have an audience… even if it’s just me! Williamson’s clearly a master of humor and drama, as clearly demonstrated in the first couple of pages of this issue. You couldn’t ask for a better start to a story, but then Joshua then goes on to keep up the humor and wit throughout the entire issue.

As you can see from the first couple of pages here, Williamson outdoes himself. I aspire to one day achieve the level of sass that Damien and Connor have. To be fair, I think my brother and I have the same kind of back and forth that Damien and Connor do. That might be what makes me think the boys are acting a little like brothers. To be fair, I think any male person Damien comes across that doesn’t die, automatically gets adopted as part of the family.

You can definitely tell that Williamson has fun with Robin #16 because it comes across to the reader and we have fun reading it. I can never tell where this series is going to go as we have fun times, we have sad times, and there’s a lot of violence also. There might even be a little bit of a romantic time? Who asked for that?!?

I love that a comic can bring out so much for a reader. This is down to an amazing writer and great art team when everything comes together like this… *CHEF’S KISS*. Once again, Williamson blew my mind with the ending. I mean, really. It’s amazing and I get it, but… WHY?!?!!?! Also, gross.

It’s Pretty, but MY EYEEEES!

Have you ever looked at something that is, technically aesthetically pleasing yet somewhat eyeball scarring? I have, thanks to the crack artistic team of Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund, and Luis Guerrero. Everything on the page is flawless, but it’s the subject that is mildly off-putting! I mean, every other page in the comic is up to its normal amazing standards, I just can not get over having to look at… that. Yet, I still want to look at the shading and the coloring, as both add so much to the images.


Every time I think this series can’t get any better, it goes and blows me away as it seems that there’s still so much more that this creative team can do. Where it’s leading is so exciting, because I have no idea where that will end up being. Please, please, PLEASE read this series. Damien is finally growing on me as a character… and Joshua Williamson’s the main reason why.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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