First Black Adam Trailer Drops

by James Byrd
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Dwayne Johnson is about to show the world what happens when a hero with the power of a god becomes bent on dark justice, in the first trailer for Black Adam!

I kneel before no one!

As a movie trailer aficionado, I can say with certainty that this one hits all the right notes. It manages to introduce the character of Black Adam, his origin, and internal conflict without spoiling too much of the overall storyline.

The clip features shots of Hawkman, Atom Smasher, and Pierce Brosnan classing up the place as Dr. Kent Nelson, AKA Dr. Fate. All of this will add to fans’ interest in further DC Universe building and, of course, the Justice Society. It also has plenty of the world’s preeminent action star, Dwayne Johnson, doing awesome stuff like punching jets and catching missiles!

I kill anyone who looks at me cockeyed

As originally recounted in Shazam!, Black Adam was the original avatar of the wizard Shazam; a lowly Egyptian slave granted tremendous power. The tragic loss of his family turned him down a dark and ruthless path that resulted in the devastation of the world. Now, centuries later, he has been freed from imprisonment but still has an enormous chip on his shoulder… along with his omega-level powers.

Does Black Adam want to save the world or bend it to his will? Can he be made to see the value of human life once more? Will any other members of the “Marvel” Family make an appearance? We’ll find out when Black Adam smashes into theaters this fall!

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