Review: Dark Knights of Steel #7

by Sharna Jahangir
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Writer: Tom Taylor 
Artist: Nathan Gooden
Color Artist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Wes Abbot
Review by Sharna Jahangir
Warning: there are minor spoilers in this review

Dark Knights of Steel #7 presents a fantastic start to volume 2 of this Elseworlds universe tale, and we get the first appearances of some beloved characters.

Into the woods, we go.

This series has not lost its touch, I think my only criticism is that it’s coming out so slowly, and with the number of growing DC issues, it’s hard to remember and keep up. However, Tom Taylor does an excellent job of leaving us unforgettable surprises. We also have some warm moments in this issue, that I was highly looking forward to because, what are superheroes without empathy, care, and the love of a family; no matter whether it’s blood, adopted, or blended?

Magical Visuals

What a good match for Yasmin Putri. Over the past six issues, she’s been the leading artist who’s set the medieval-fairytale tone of this series. Nathan Gooden picks up where she left off, joining forces with the always-amazing Arif Prianto. However, I do hope Yasmin comes back, as I miss the handsome looks, and the characters’ facial expressions are lacking a bit in this chapter. The art style and the fantastical imagery still completely suit the story, though.

I’ve been hearing strong responses to the main cover, and I agree with the public that it’s stunning. It’s amazing! Batman riding a dragon! I feel like this is an image out of our wildest dreams. Although it alludes to the aforementioned spoiler, it’s a great hook to draw readers in.

Spellbinding Story

I love how Tom Taylor allows space for so many different characters to take the spotlight. This issue will bring a smile to fans’ faces. As well as the warm moments between Wayne and the Kents, it brings hope that Kal and Bruce, who at the moment are presented as unreconcilable, may join forces once again. Taylor hints at far bigger foes coming their way.

The appearance of youths other than the Robins is also an exciting narrative. Not only will this issue bring some joy to the reader, but it will also lift the spirits of the poor illegitimate Bat-Prince. This issue could easily be picked up as an introduction to the universe as well, as it fits so well as a beginning to the second volume.


I highly recommend Dark Knights of Steel #7, especially if you’re a Teen Titans fan, or if you’d like to see more of the Bat-prince (I always will). In addition, dragons! This would be an excellent setup for a DM for those who are enjoying the combination of Dungeons and Dragons with the DC Universe. As an avid player, I think it would be incredible to release applicable character sets (starting at 20 strength is a bit unreal for my level 3 Paladin skillset).

This series is pure magic.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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