EMP Release Tons Of New Batman Merchandise

by Louise Dempsey
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EMP has released tons of new Batman merchandise which includes pajamas, t-shirts, baseball caps, and much more.

The “I’m Coming for You”black relaxed-fit shorts for men are made from polyester/cotton. They have graffiti-style writing and the Bat symbol in yellow and a yellow string tie at the waist. They’re available in men’s sizes small to 3XL.

“The Batman-The Riddler” pajamas are black cotton with green piping around the edge of the top, while the shorts have The Riddler’s glasses printed at the bottom with the words The Riddler printed underneath. The shirt has the slogan “I Know What I Must Become” printed in purple graffiti-style writing underneath The Riddler and the question mark logo. The pajamas are made from 100% cotton and are available in sizes small to XXL. It says that they’re menswear, but I’m sure they would be suitable for women as well, especially if you prefer your pajamas to have a more relaxed fit.

There are also three new baseball caps available, with two of them inspired by The Batman movie. The third has the classic black-on-yellow bat symbol. One of the caps inspired by the new movie has little bat ears attached to the top, and the classic logo cap has a detachable black cape on the back.

The “Gotham Will Not Fall” women’s t-shirt comes in a black cold shoulder slim fit cut. The front of the shirt has the Gotham City skyline printed in grey and the Bat symbol, which looks as though it’s been spray-painted above. The reverse of the shirt has the slogan “Gotham City Will Not Fall” also printed in grey and the O in Gotham has the Bat symbol inside.

The Selina Kyle leggings are 100% polyethylene and are inspired by the ones worn by Zoe Kravitz in The Batman. The tight-fitting leather-look black leggings have a The Batman bat symbol embroidered on the front.

The women’s shorts are faded black denim with The Batman printed on the reverse in red and The Batman bat symbol printed in red on the back pocket. The shorts are frayed at the bottom and there’s also a brown leather patch sewn into one of the front pockets with the Batman symbol printed on to it. Unfortunately, these shorts only seem to be available in smaller sizes, so I’m slightly annoyed because I really love the design of these shorts and it seems a bit unfair that they’re not available in larger sizes.

As well as adults’ clothing EMP also has a small selection of children’s wear which includes baby bodysuits, swim shorts, and sneakers.

On top of all the clothing and accessories, there are also posters available from The Batman movie and a new glow-in-the-dark Funko Pop, plus much, much more.

This is just a small selection of the Batman merchandise available from EMP, there are tons more on the website. Many of the items are EMP exclusives so it’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re a Batman fan.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of EMP

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