Bruce Wayne Will Appear in ‘Gotham Knights’ TV Show

by James Byrd
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TikTok user lauraflora3000 was in the right place at the right to capture evidence of “Base Camp” for the upcoming CW series Gotham Knights, and spoil a previously unannounced appearance by Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

Spoiler alert – Bruce Wayne LIVES (For now?)


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It’s certainly good to know that TikTok’s good for something other than screwing up the neural pathways of today’s youth! Anyway, this is kind of a big deal because the whole premise of Gotham Knights is:

In a world where Bruce Wayne is murdered, the children of his greatest foes are framed for the crime. They must then band together to clear their names, protect a Batman-less Gotham City and forge their own legacies as a new generation of heroes.

They’ll probably also act very pouty and make out with each other; I’m envisioning Riverdale meets Suicide Squad.

Take it from the top

Judging by the series premise, whoever is cast as Bruce Wayne will only appear in the pilot long enough to be blown up, buried at sea, or otherwise disposed of. However, the seasoned fanboy in me senses that all it not what it seems. Is there really any universe where Batman actually dies? I’ll bet everybody a coke that we’re heading towards some sort of “mysterious mentor in the shadows/ there’s not actually a body” type of scenario.

Despite my cynicism, however, I will say it is an intriguing idea for a series and I can only hope the talented cast and crew get the chance to tell the story, especially in light of reorganization rumors at DC Entertainment.

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