Sideshow Collectibles Harley Quinn Sixth Scale Maquette By Tweeterhead

by Louise Dempsey
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Sideshow Collectibles and Tweeterhead have released a brand new 1:6 scale Harley Quinn maquette.

The Clown Princess of Crime wields her signature oversized mallet while she strikes a flirtatious pose, pointed feet kicking high into the Gotham sky. She measures 16” from the base to the tip of her raised foot, and 12.75” wide from that foot to the tip of her hammer.

Clad in her cap ‘n’ bells mask and her classic black, white, and red bodysuit, Harley Quinn sits atop a stack of building blocks that are decorated with jester faces and playing card suits as well as three letters spelling MR. J. Daintily decorated bombs, bags of money, wads of cash, and blue and red roller-skate wheels adorn Harley’s play area. This lively lady is also joined by two plush dolls of The Joker and his ripped-apart rival, Batman.

This fully sculpted polyresin Harley Quinn Statue includes two swap-out portraits. Collectors can display Harley with her clownish cowl, or with her bright blonde hair flowing freely in two wavy pigtails. The exclusive edition of the Harley Quinn 1:6 Scale Maquette is limited and comes with an additional right hand, with Harley holding her super cute pop gun.

This statue is really fun and colorful and exceptionally detailed. I really love all the small details such as the initials on the building blocks and the plush Joker and Batman toys.

This collectible is limited to 600 pieces and is now available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles. Each piece is priced at $465/£366.28. The statue is expected to ship between October 2022 and December 2022.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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