‘The Batman’ Leaked Scene Appears Online

by Eric Lee
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A leaked scene from The Batman has appeared online, giving fans their first full taste of the movie.

The clip features Bruce Wayne and various other members of the Gotham elite, plus police officers – including James Gordon – at a funeral. Bruce walks through the crowd silently as he overhears Gordon talk about the missing District Attorney Gil Coulson.

Suddenly, a car careens through into the crowds, a bloodied Coulson comes out with a bomb on his neck and cell phone taped to his hands. He has a message for Batman from the Riddler. As the crowd screams and scatters, Bruce looks around the room and spots a shadowy figure watching from the second floor- presumably the villain himself.


‘The Batman’ Teases the Riddler and Bruce Wayne

There’s a lot to unpack in this relatively brief clip. Firstly, it’s not an official release, isn’t in high quality, and there’s a Spanish tab that says “Omitir anuncios” or “Skip Ads” on the side. This is clearly not made for American audiences, despite some YouTube videos saying “official clip”. It seems more likely that a Spanish-speaking fan recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube.

Regarding the actual content of the scene, it’s striking that Bruce doesn’t talk at all. He is sifting around as if on a mission to collect information and prefers to be an unseen cypher. It’s also shocking to see that the Riddler has already kidnapped the Gotham City DA just to be a messenger to Batman. That shows the power that the villain seems to possess.

While the Riddler crashes the funeral to seek out Batman’s attention, the scene implies that the he’s really crashing the funeral to seek out Bruce Wayne’s. This certainly gives credence to the teases that the Riddler knows Batman’s secret identity.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022. It will also stream on HBO Max on April 19, 2022.

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